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13/02/2018 Due date
09/09/2017 Start date


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About Default Help Desk Project


This Help Desk project servers for:

  • smaller clients who do not have separate Help Desk projects 
  • tickets sent by e-mail where sender domain or mailbox was not matched to any separate Help Desk

Project overview page shows "pool of the tickets" 

  • Tickets are grouped by status
  • At the top you can see new help desk tickets
  • afterwards tickets in realization
  • at the end tickets in colsultation - where client reaction is expected

SLA of this project is set-up here as follows:

  • SLA setting
  • hours to respond the ticket: 4
  • hours to solve the ticket: 24
  • SLA working hours 8-17


  ID Project Subject Assignee Due date % Done  
New 583.33%
Realisation 116.67%
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