System AdministratorHow to delete demo data

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Created: 16/09/2015 Updated: 09/09/2018
Version: 2
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You can probably see that your Easy Redmine demo version isn´t empty. Demo data are there to show you how are some things set and what possibilities you have in EasyRedmine.

You can simply delete the data by clicking the little trashcan icon on top  Image201609081255_1.png

The Youtube icon will lead you to our Youtube Channel where all our videos can be found.


After clicking on the trash can, the system will lead you here



You can delete everything, or you can choose only some things, that you won´t be needing.

By clicking the plus sign, you will unveil details 


If you know that you want to delete all the projects, etc, there is in each bow this option  Image201609081255_4.png


After deleting everything, you can start with a clean slate and put in your users, projects, and tasks.




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