Manager ManagerRelease notes for version: 07.10

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Created: 16/07/2019 Updated: 19/07/2019
Version: 8

All changes available as usual in the changelog.

Project from template creates non-valid tasks

When a new project was created from a template and the checkbox "Set all tasks' start dates by start date of the project" was ticked, it could result in that some tasks have start_date > due_date. This has been fixed as the checkbox now moves also tasks' due dates when moving tasks' start dates.


A project cannot be created from a template due to Error 500

When creating a project from a template and the checkbox "Set all tasks' start dates by start date of the project" was ticked, Error 500 appeared in the next step. This was caused by another bug with non-valid tasks as some tasks had start_date > due_date.


Graph "on-click" leads to a wrong project

On-click feature on graphs worked fine unless you hid one of the results via the legend. The click then led to a wrong project in such a case. Now the click always leads to the correct project even when some results are hidden.


Task categories bug

Sliders (to top, move up, move down, move to bottom) in task categories showed strange codes instead of standard icons.


The Net margin item is hidden behind the Close button in the "Budget of project" popup in the Budget overview tab

In the "Budget of project" popup window in the Budget overview tab, the Net margin item was hidden behind the Close button. After the fix, the Close button is shown below all items and doesn't hide anything.


Deleting a parent task deletes spent time entries on the subtasks

If there were spent time entries on subtasks and the parent task was deleted, the spent time entries on subtasks were also deleted without any notice. After the fix, the notice has been added, so now it works in the same way for deleting parent+subtasks with spent time entries on them like for deleting a task with its own spent time entries.

New timesheets - date shown in the wrong position

The date of new timesheets was shown far more on the right side of the schedule instead of being centered, both on mobile and desktop. Moreover, this also caused the right arrow to be hidden behind the date.


Add picture from clipboard