Manager Manager101 of internal server error - basic operations

Author: Manager Manager Displayed: 6862
Created: 05/09/2017 Updated: 09/01/2019
Version: 6

Here are some hints what you can do if you run into 500 error

  • run Easy server requirements check and try to repair failed validations
  • back-up your database
  • download the latest package from the Client Zone
  • make sure that webserver has Full access public, files, log, tmp folders
  • run bundle install --without development test
  • run bundle exec rake easyproject:install RAILS_ENV=production
  • restart application server
  • delete any 3rd parties' Redmine plugins (also from database)
  • write us on and attach production.log, unicorn.err or unicorn.log (if you use thin, puma or anything else, then there should be thin, puma or anything else instead of unicorn) and nginx error.log or apache2 error log, depending on what you use
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