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Created: 16/11/2015 Updated: 09/09/2018
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Since both Redmine and Easy Redmine are Open Source and more-less platform independent, some installation & upgrade problems may occur due to various server configurations, software versions or plugins installed.

We work hard to track those most common in order to help you with troubleshooting.



Packages generated from the old client zone (you may remember it in the form of a link[ID]/client_zone?key=[hexadecimalkey]) are different than from the new client zone available directly on this website in the Client zone.

If you installed a package from the new client zone, do not download the package from the old one. It is not compatible this way. The new client zone generates packages with Easy Redmine 2015 while the old one generates ER 2014. The most significant difference installation wise is that 2015 version contains plugins (files) that are missing in 2014. Therefore such installation will fail. To make sure you have a reliable installation package always use the new client zone.

To get access to the new client zone, just write to


When configuring the domain of your Easy Redmine, make sure to use at least first level domain, for example instead of just http://myeasyredmine. Some browsers may have a problem with reaching it.


Make sure wkhtmltopdf is installed and running ( wkhtmltopdf needs X server or other emulation)
Test it using: "wkhtmltopdf google.pdf"


Make sure your webserver has Full access public, files, log, tmp folders


Make sure your webserver supports actual size of URL address

Make sure you are NOT using Webrick webserver!


Check your configuration according to

Remember, that Easy Redmine is just a Redmine plugin!


Copy files folder from your old Redmine.

You can change the default files location in the Redmine's configuration file or you can use a symlink. LAN or cloud-based network storages for attachments are not recommended because of reliability issues.


  # Absolute path to the directory where attachments are stored.
  # The default is the 'files' directory in your Redmine instance.
  # Your EasyRedmine instance needs to have read/write permission on this directory.
  # Examples: attachments_storage_path: /var/www/redmine/files


If you can't open an attachment, see ./log/production.log for common errors:

Cannot send attachment, /var/www/redmine/files/2015/08/150805095407_xxx.PNG does not exist or is unreadable

ENOENT, Permission Denied... etc.



Here are some hints what you can do if you run into 500 error.

  1.  back-up your database
  2. download the latest package from the Client Zone
  3. make sure that webserver has Full access public, files, log, tmp folders
  4. run bundle install --without development test
  5. run bundle exec rake easyproject:install RAILS_ENV=production
  6. delete any 3rd parties' Redmine plugins (also from a database)
  7. write us on and attach log/production.log


You don't have CRON configured.

Let's say you are running Easy Redmine under user easy. The commands are:
View active crons crontab -u easy -l
Editing crontab -u easy -e

Example for running cron every 5 minutes:

 */5 * * * * bundle exec rake easyproject:scheduler:run_tasks RAILS_ENV=production

Don't hesitate to search the internet for a more precise manual to set up cron on your server. It is not an exclusively Easy Redmine required function.

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